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Jun 19, 2018
Presentation: Satish Bhatnagar
    Satish C. Bhatnagar (Math) addressed the staff and students of the Panini Gurukul on the educational doctrine of Shaastra, Shastra, and Shatru in May during his trip to India. A gurukul is a boarding school based on the holistic education drawn from ancient India. The Panini Gurukul is the only gurukul in India specializing in Sanskrit grammar...

Jun 19, 2018
Honors: Kate Shapiro and Joe Milan
Kate Shapiro (English) and Joe Milan Jr. (English and Black Mountain Institute), along with alumni Olufunke Ogundimu, '18 MFA Creative Writing, and Ernie Wang, '16 MFA Creative Writing, recently have won prestigious national and international awards for their fiction. Shapiro, a master's student in the English department's creative writing...

Jun 18, 2018
Honors: Patrick Moore, Matthew Shepard, Brett Levner, and Daniel Gerrity
Patrick Moore and Matthew Shepard (both Film) received an Emmy Award from the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for their short documentary, Splashing the Streets. Moore and Shepard, who are undergraduates, won for writing in the student craft category. The documentary was produced in...

Jun 18, 2018
Published: Robyn Raschke
Robyn Raschke (Accounting) published an article, "The Influence of a Good Relationship between the Internal Audit and Information Security Functions on Information Security Outcomes," in Accounting, Organizations & Society with Paul Steinbart (Arizona State University), William Dilla (Iowa State University), and Graham Gal (University...

Jun 15, 2018
Grant: Starr Hoffman and James Cheng
Starr Hoffman and James Cheng (both Libraries) received an Academic Library Impact Research Grant from the Association of College Research Libraries (ACRL) for a project titled “Researchers on Academic Library Impact: Characteristics and Perspectives.” The research project, building on interviews with library and higher educational professionals...

Jun 15, 2018
Presentation: Wonyong Oh
Wonyong Oh (Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology) and his colleagues recently presented at the International Association for Business and Society Conference in Hong Kong. 

Jun 15, 2018
Presentation: Mark Lenker
Mark Lenker (Libraries) recently presented "Building on First-Year Students' Information Seeking Strengths: How their Life-Research Experiences Can Inform FYE Library Instruction Curriculum" at the Workshop for Instruction in Library Use 2018 conference in Ottawa, Canada. 

Jun 15, 2018
Appointment/Election: Janelle Willis
Janelle Willis (Nursing) has been elected executive director for the new Nevada Nursing Students’ Association, which functions to enhance nursing education through multiple avenues. In her role, Willis will work with the association’s board of directors to establish goals and strategies, manage financial and material resources, and oversee...

Jun 15, 2018
Honors: Linda Edwards
Linda H. Edwards (Law) received the Legal Writing Institute's (LWI) Teresa Godwin Phelps Award for Scholarship in Legal Writing for her article “Telling Stories in the Supreme Court: Voices Briefs and the Role of Democracy in Constitutional Deliberation,” published in Volume 29 (2017) of the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism. The award...

Jun 14, 2018
Notable: David Morris
David Morris (English) is the author of The Evil Hours, a book that recently was quoted in The New York Times Magazine in an article on PTSD among drone operators.

Jun 14, 2018
Honors: Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown (Economics) and his co-author, Maura Allaire (graduate student at the University of North Carolina at time of publication, now assistant professor at UC Irvine), recently received the award for best paper covering the period of 2012-16 at the International Association for Energy Economics Conference in Groningen, Netherlands, for the...

Jun 14, 2018
Published: Szu-Ping Lee, Ya-Ting Hsu, and Lung-Chang Chien
Szu-Ping Lee, Ya-Ting Hsu (both Physical Therapy), and Lung-Chang Chien (Environmental and Occupational Health), along with two alums, Marissa Toberman, '12 BS Kinesiology and '15 Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Betina Bair, '03 BA Communication Studies and '15 Doctor of Physical Therapy, co-authored “Gender and Posture are Significant Risk...