Technology Transfer & Economic Development

UNLV’s technology transfer & economic development staff facilitates the process through which the university brings discoveries and inventions to the marketplace. If you are affiliated with UNLV and have invented or discovered something new and useful, the technology development and transfer staff would like to help you protect and commercialize your invention. If you are associated with a business interested in new discoveries or technology, or if you would like to collaborate with UNLV researchers, the staff is here to help as well.

Intellectual Property

A brief introduction to intellectual property including patents, copyrights, and trademarks.


Zachary Miles

Associate Vice President for Economic Development
Office: FDH 314
Mail Code: 1092
Phone: 702-895-0937

John Minnick

Business Development Officer
Phone: (702) 895-3146

Liz Lewis

Economic Development Manager
Office: FDH 313
Mail Code: 1092
Phone: 702-895-4507

Donna Morell

Program Manager
Office: FDH 314
Mail Code: 1092
Phone: 702-895-5200

Christina Schmitt

Licensing Associate
Office: FDH 317
Mail Code: 1092
Phone: 702-895-4505

Megan Svarz

Project Coordinator
Office: FDH 314
Mail Code: 1092
Phone: 702-895-5598